Retreat Round-up 2015

It’s getting closer to convention, and last weekend was our annual retreat. How fast did that come around?


There was lots of hard work on Saturday, singing our bits


& swinging our hips as we did it


Interspersed with a typical understated Pennine Chimes pot luck buffet (spot the happy hungry faces!)


We had a bit of sillyness on the Saturday night after an eventful meal, some fun games and fancy dress to keep us entertained


Before getting a good night’s sleep ahead of another singing session Sunday – which we were working so hard at, we didn’t stop for photos!

Many thanks to our Kim & Beth the dynamic directing duo, the retreat planning team, and to Helen Clarke our sparkle guru for coming in and sprinkling a little glitter! x



T Minus 31 days and counting…

As Neil Diamond once said ‘Hello again, hello!”

There’s a month until Convention 2015 in Bournemouth and like most other clubs, it’s all go here at Chimes HQ. Documents are in, rehearsals continue with gusto, retreat is being beavered away on behind the scenes (2 weeks!) and we’re all starting to think about getting our glitz on from head to toe. Hairdressers and beauty salons in Bradford must be salivating at the prospect!

Stay tuned for more convention updates, a retreat review and then some!



Hej då Harrogate!

It’s been a whole week since LABBS 2014 in Harrogate , can you believe it? Nope, neither can we!

Having had a week to develop the post convention blues, now seems like a perfect time to begin our Convention  retrospective.You may at this point be wondering about the title, Webchime is reliably informed this is Swedish for ‘Goodbye”, and is in honour of one of the guests at Harrogate 2014, the wonderful Vocal Six. We’ll come back to them later!

The Chimes’ had the most amazing weekend in Harrogate, at a truly great Convention weekend. We were delighted to increase our position from last year by 4 whole places! That presentation coaching might be paying dividends yet!

Massive congratulations of course go to all the medal winners, especially the chorus gold winners Cheshire Chord Company whose competition package was truly fabulous!

We’ll be doing a couple of updates across the next week, sharing our favourite moments, some pictures and any tips / gossip we picked up… stay tuned!