Hej då Harrogate!

It’s been a whole week since LABBS 2014 in Harrogate , can you believe it? Nope, neither can we!

Having had a week to develop the post convention blues, now seems like a perfect time to begin our Convention  retrospective.You may at this point be wondering about the title, Webchime is reliably informed this is Swedish for ‘Goodbye”, and is in honour of one of the guests at Harrogate 2014, the wonderful Vocal Six. We’ll come back to them later!

The Chimes’ had the most amazing weekend in Harrogate, at a truly great Convention weekend. We were delighted to increase our position from last year by 4 whole places! That presentation coaching might be paying dividends yet!

Massive congratulations of course go to all the medal winners, especially the chorus gold winners Cheshire Chord Company whose competition package was truly fabulous!

We’ll be doing a couple of updates across the next week, sharing our favourite moments, some pictures and any tips / gossip we picked up… stay tuned!



Convention Countdown Begins…

Have you noticed a little something new on the front page?  A little something like this perhaps…

That’s right, we’re counting down the days to Convention 2014! As the months roll on and the nights draw in faster, Pennine Chimes are back from our respective summer holidays and turning it up to 11!

With fabulous coaching behind us, extra rehearsals and a whole heap of spirit, we’re absolutely raring to hit that stage in Harrogate. How fast it comes around, time does fly when you’re having fun! After a year hosting the best in the world with le Grand Depart, having the LABBS Convention 2014 is truly the icing on the cake / fat rascal / Yorkshire drop!

We’ll be doing more updates around the big weekend, getting some feedback from members old and new on their convention essentials, tips and much more!


Congratulations Web Wizard!

A short update today to say… congratulations! A BIG congratulations to our fab Web Developer Richard and his lovely wife Anna on the birth of their son Isaac.

 Something from the archive especially for the occasion, with lots of love from us all here at Pennine Chimes HQ x



Pennine Chimes Summer Show! 15/07/2014

Good news everyone – the Pennine Chimes Summer Show is back! That’s right, Tuesday 15th July at Eccleshill United Reform Church, Victoria Road, Bradford, we’ll be bringing you the best of Barbershop right here in Bradford.

We’d advise picking your ticket up in advance, the show was popular last year and we’ve more treats in store for you this time around! Tickets are available in person from your friendly neighbourhood Chime lady, emailing penninechimes@gmail.com or sending a Facebook / Twitter message. The tickets are £6 or £5 for concessions – a great price for an evening of music, fun and maybe even a little bit of cake!

We hope to see you there, we’re practicing especially for you!