Chimes at Harmony College

This weekend following a hiatus of a few years, LABBS welcomed it’s members to Nottingham University for an all new Harmony College. Naturally here at Chimes HQ we were delighted  to hear about it, and on the day nine of our ladies were in attendance, that’s nearly a third of our chorus!

A few of our attendees had some words to share on their experience of HC…

“There were so many things that I found, interesting, useful, exciting and lots of other adjectives I could add.  For the sake of brevity I’ve focused on ‘tomorrow’s director’ as I try to push myself, musically speaking.   Liz Garnett’s quote on the purpose of conducting is ‘to help the ensemble sing the music.’  I like that one.  Another piece of sage wisdom from Liz was with regards to what as a conductor, I should do with my hands – ‘as little as is needed to keep the music on track.’  That’s definitely a work in progress for me” –  Janet, Assistant Director

The Chimes gang @ Harmony College

The Chimes gang @ Harmony College

What a weekend! Nottingham Uni’ was the perfect venue for Harmony College. I would love to be a student there but….. 50 years too late! The coaching, friendship and commitment of everyone involved was outstanding. I wasn’t sure on first hearing the arrangement of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ that I really liked it, but after singing it during the weekend, I love it!! It was such an emotional finale to a great weekend when the whole auditorium sang this 2016 Polecat. I can’t wait for the next Harmony College!” – Jackie, Lead


Retreat Round-up 2015

It’s getting closer to convention, and last weekend was our annual retreat. How fast did that come around?


There was lots of hard work on Saturday, singing our bits


& swinging our hips as we did it


Interspersed with a typical understated Pennine Chimes pot luck buffet (spot the happy hungry faces!)


We had a bit of sillyness on the Saturday night after an eventful meal, some fun games and fancy dress to keep us entertained


Before getting a good night’s sleep ahead of another singing session Sunday – which we were working so hard at, we didn’t stop for photos!

Many thanks to our Kim & Beth the dynamic directing duo, the retreat planning team, and to Helen Clarke our sparkle guru for coming in and sprinkling a little glitter! x



T Minus 31 days and counting…

As Neil Diamond once said ‘Hello again, hello!”

There’s a month until Convention 2015 in Bournemouth and like most other clubs, it’s all go here at Chimes HQ. Documents are in, rehearsals continue with gusto, retreat is being beavered away on behind the scenes (2 weeks!) and we’re all starting to think about getting our glitz on from head to toe. Hairdressers and beauty salons in Bradford must be salivating at the prospect!

Stay tuned for more convention updates, a retreat review and then some!