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We wish everyone good luck of course!
- Sunday Jun 17 - 7:40pm

Best of luck to Extreme Pitches at quartet prelims next week!
- Sunday Jun 17 - 7:40pm

RT @jushyshaw: ⁦⁦@SingLABBS⁩ 🎼Happy Prelims to you. Happy Prelims to you. Happy Prelims dear Quartets. Happy Prelims to you xxxx #LABBS1
- Sunday Jun 17 - 7:39pm

Buena Suerta / Viel Glück to everyone competing at @sabssing & BinG this weekend, especially our @wackyraeces! 🎵🎙️🇧🇪
- Thursday Apr 5 - 10:07pm

Baritones were in short supply last night, but those we had came ready to be in total sync in their informal unifor…
- Wednesday Apr 4 - 11:20am